Roof Coatings in Rome and Gainesville, GA

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Roof coatings are a smart choice to protect your existing roof from leaks, ponding water, and severe weather damage. We offer initial coating installations as well as recoating of existing coated materials. We use top notch products such as GacoRoof and GacoFlex to seal, repair, and protect your roof while lowering your energy costs.

Call 706-331-5032 for roof coatings in Rome, GA, and 678-570-3024 to schedule roof coating services in Gainesville, GA.

Types of Roof Coatings:

  • Silicone Elastomeric
  • Acrylic Polymer Elastomeric
  • Aluminum Fiber Coating
  • Rubber Roof Coating
  • Liquid EDPM Rubber Coating
  • Fibered Roof Coating
  • Metal Roof Painting